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My name is Stefania and I am an emotional intelligence and life coach.

Born in Milan, I grew up in the Mont Blanc area in Northern Italy and have been living abroad since 2003,
not out of obligation, but out of curiosity.

Passionate about foreign languages (Of which I speak 5 fluently), I spent years travelling around, my suitcase always packed for a new adventure. I worked as a tour guide in the Norwegian fjords, I studied International cooperation in Strasbourg (France), I volunteered for an NGO in a Venezuelan village and interned as an economist at the United Nations in Benin, before joining Google in Dublin to work on their Google Ads team.

I backpacked solo a lot—in Kenya, Turkey and Morocco, in Australia and Cambodia, in Portugal and Spain. For years, I let myself be carried away by the desire to travel, by the adrenaline that I got from being in a new place, all the senses being on high alert.

And as long as I kept moving — 6 months here, a year or so there — everything seemed fine. Moving around kept my fears at bay. And indeed, it was only when I “stopped” —for three and a half years, in Dublin — that I realised, ironically, that I was missing the tools to keep me afloat and to be at my best.

Until then, in fact, life had allowed me to believe that through achievement and performance I would go anywhere.

I thought what mattered was to know how to figure things out, and to be adaptable. But, alas, keeping on trying to change literally everything around myself meant that things kept staying the same. Building a life, it turns out, takes more than fake flexibility.

My Story

No matter what’s outside, everything depends on our attitude: on the story we tell ourselves.

It's embracing my journey that made all the difference for me.
And it will make all the difference for you, too.

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What I do

It was when I realised that, my real journey began: when I decided to stop “running away” and take responsibility for my life and for my decisions (the conscious decisions ahead of me, but also the unconscious decisions I had made years back).

In my personal growth journey, I found inspiration in the tools and techniques of yoga and mindfulness, in the wisdom of a systemic approach inspired by the observation of nature, and in psychosomatic approaches and embodiment techniques.

Today I’m a life and emotional intelligence coach, and my mission is to support my clients’ to reach their height and embody their full potential. I am committed to support people in the transformation of their personal narrative and to become masters of their own life, as I have seen closely how changing one’s story allows anyone to overcome blocks, increase self-esteem, establish deeper relationships, and improve their performance, both at work and in their personal and creative endeavours.

My work is inspired and informed by that of authors and professionals such as Tara Brach, Claudia Rainville, John Scott, Esther Perel, Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield and Otto Scharmer.