• Come face to face with what's stopping you
  • Gain clarity and insight
  • See your stuck or obstacle as your jumping board

And while I can’t promise one hour of your time will truly make a difference, I can promise it will be a start.
It’s like you’re going up a hill.

You desperately want to see the startling view, don’t you? Yet, you can’t if you first don’t see your next step on this rather steep part of your trail.

Meet Stefania, founder of

The Crowned Mountain

Take a look at my CV and you’ll wonder if I know what it means to feel stuck. Yet, I do know. Something in me compelled me too early to follow the rational path of the masses: work hard, get a really good job, seek to change everything around you and everything will fix itself… within you.

For me, it never worked.

You know what worked? Stopping. Taking a good look at what I was doing and why, and at the fears that were compelling me to walk down a seemingly easier path, which yet wasn’t MY PATH.

And then deciding that I would leverage everything I’d already done on the path to where I want to go and want to be.

Today, through project management tools, systemic approaches and embodied practices, I support women like you to Reach their Height!

I'm ready to start moving

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