Stefania Montagna

Blog Articles and SEO

Here is a selection of articles I have written for brands,
focusing on SEO and brand-intent

Article for HomeByMe on ethnic interior design

I drafted an how to article focusing on ethnic decor, bringing readers knee deep in the trend, thanks to the story of Karen Blixen and the home of Elizabeth Gilbert.

Project background

HomeByMe is an online 3D space planning service developed by Dassault Systèmes SE. It offers a social platform that users can leverage to find inspiration, share their designs, and search for products from real brands to insert into their designs.

I was tasked with rewriting a draft article for the HomeByMe magazine, focusing on ethnic decor. In the words of the client, the draft they supplied was not fluid enough, resembling a list of informaiton. The ask was to make it more inspiring and to improve the structure, including a meaningful conclusion.

Creative process

To make the text more inspirational, I did a bit of research on the character of Karen Blixen, whose house in Nairobi might just be where the idea of ethnic decor came about. I introduced the idea of ethnic decor with her story, and then shared three tips in order to guide the reader through an easy-to-follow path: (1) Start with what you have and know (What ethnic decor do you already own)? (2) Take a few critical decisions with a clear goal in mind; (3) Investigate your design so that it can best reflect who you are and who you want to be.

My conclusion:

“Be curious. You never know where

SEO-Optimized tutorials for Advanced Ads

I am a regular contributor for AdvancedAds, a company that runs a WordPress plugin allowing for a more seemless integration of paid advertising on the platform.

I have written several tutorials for them, available here:

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