Stefania Montagna

List building and Marketing material

Some of my work focusing on sales,
social media marketing and
direct response copywriting

Social media and e-mail marketing for the Inner Freedom Institute by Astrid Brinck

I have launched and am still running all online marketing efforts for the Inner Freedom Institute, founded by Astrid Brinck. The Institute aims to support processes of personal and organizational development, by providing experience-based educational programs and conscious consulting for organizations and individuals.

Since March 2021, I have created a wide range of content for the Institute, including:

E-mails and Newsletters

Their courses’ website

Landing Pages


Pitch decks and website copy for

Yowa is an e-mail marketing start-up leveraging AI to make list building more and better targeted for companies operating in the B2B space.

In October 2020, they needed a pitch deck that would make it easier for clients to understand their value proposition and that would differentiate it from other competitors in the space.

I built a pitch deck for them that went straight to the core of the issue, and helped them rethink their entire marketing strategy.

The company has since grown exponentially, and employed 10+ employees since our collaboration.